A Level Enrichment

A programme of events designed to enrich and support AQA A Level students and provide experience of University style lectures.

Friday 1st November 10am - 12 pm

Tickets £30 per person for both lectures, (or £20 for one)

The first of these events will be held on Friday 1st November from 10 am to 12 pm in the Small Conference Room at Christ the Cornerstone Church in Central Milton Keynes. A maximum of 20 people are invited to enable a relaxed and informal atmosphere. There will be two one hour lectures with a short break between. Please note that it is possible be attend just one lecture, but the total capacity of the room is 20 people. Priority will be given to those booking both lectures.

Lecture one: 'Who Released the Red Balloons' in The Handmaid's Tale

Focusing on the Unwoman Documentary towards the end of chapter twenty, the lecture will use a deconstruct-to-reconstruct method in order to explore potential interpretations of the imagery. It will illustrate the complexity of Atwood's treatment of feminist concerns regarding women's bodies and gender roles, and consider the impact of media on the handmaids.

Lecture two: 'What's so Funny?' in Feminine Gospels ('The Laughter of Stafford Girls' High') 

A note passed amongst the girls provokes great laughter, but nobody knows what it says. This lecture explores radical and feminist readings of the poem and focuses on the journey to enlightenment taken by Mrs Mackay. Though the lecture centres on a specific text, it will offer an outline of radical and feminist thought that can be applied to other texts. 

The lecture is suitable for students of A Level English Literature. 

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